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Orsense - non-invasive technologies

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OrSense is a medical device company that develops and commercializes innovative non-invasive monitoring technologies for continuous and spot measurements of hemoglobin, oxygen saturation and other blood parameters. Our products are based on our revolutionary, proprietary SpectOLightTM Occlusion Spectroscopy technology, which enables easy and accurate measurements of blood parameters even under extreme conditions, by overcoming key obstacles that hinder the performance of competing technologies.

OrSense’s FDA & CE approved non-invasive hemoglobin NBM 200 device is available world-wide, and has been successfully incorporated into multiple environments including hospitals, primary clinics and blood donation facilities. 

OrSense has a multidisciplinary staff  including Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers and an experienced Management team. The company is supported by internationally recognized scientists from leading research centers. OrSense’s intellectual property portfolio consists of 51 granted patents and over 20 additional applications in process.

Investors at OrSense are spearheaded by Israel Health Care Ventures, Saints Capital, the Lewis Trust Group (LTG) and Shimon Eckhouse.