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Orsense - non-invasive technologies


OrSense’s patented SpectOLightTM technology, known as Occlusion Spectroscopy, uses a non-invasive optical measurement platform combined with a finger attached ring-shaped sensor probe.  The pressure applied by the sensor temporarily occludes the blood flow in the finger, creating new blood dynamics which generate a unique, strong optical signal, yielding a high signal-to-noise ratio which is wholly blood specific. Analysis of the signal provides the sensitivity necessary to measure hemoglobin, pulse-rate, oximetry (even under severe low perfusion levels), and other analyte concentrations.

This breakthrough technology enables a generation of transmission signal across the finger which overcomes a key technological barrier related to the low signal to noise ratio, due to poor or compromised peripheral perfusion , interferences from motion induced noise and other artifacts.


The OrSense solution to low sensitivity 

 SpectOLightTM (Occlusion) technology  


The OrSense NBM 200-Applying SpectOLightTM technology




Occlusion Spectroscopy is a well-protected technology. OrSense has compiled an IP portfolio of 51 granted and accepted patents in the U.S., Europe, China, Korea and Japan, with over 20 additional applications in process. OrSense’s patents on Occlusion Spectroscopy cover all aspects of the technology, comprising the basic concept of measuring multiple blood constituent through occlusion of the blood flow, the unique finger sensor, and the unique algorithms that facilitate the measurement.