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Haema AG replaces capillary testing with OrSense NBM200 Non-invasive Hemoglobin testing device

May. 31, 2014

Petach Tikva, Israel, May 30, 2014 – OrSense Ltd., developer of solutions for non-invasive measurements of hemoglobin, today announced that Haema AG, Germany, has completed the transition to OrSense’s NBM200 Hb testing device for screening of Hb levels in blood donors. Haema is the largest privately operated blood bank in Germany and one of the largest in the world, performing over 1.1 million Hb tests per year in 33 blood donation centers across Germany. Haema selected OrSense’s NBM200 after rigorous testing in multiple locations. Deployment of the NBM200 systems started in January 2014 and been completed earlier this month.

Historically, Hb measurement required collection of blood samples, rendering testing procedures invasive, painful, time consuming and labor intensive. OrSense's NBM200 offers a non-invasive solution for accurate Hb measurements that eliminates pain, reduces infection risk and enables swift Hb level analysis. The NBM200 solution is also environmentally friendly, as it requires no consumables such as lancets, gloves etc, and no need for hazardous waste handling.  

Commented Yoav Reisman, CEO of Orsense: “The NBM200 is already in use by dozens of operators around the world. We are very pleased with the acceptance of it by such a world class operator, which we hold as a further vote of confidence in the non-invasive testing approach in general and OrSense’s unique solution in particular”


About OrSense 

OrSense is a medical device company developing and marketing non-invasive monitoring systems for measurement of Hemoglobin. OrSense’s systems are available and been successfully installed in dozens of blood donation facilities worldwide. OrSense's products are based on its proprietary Occlusion Spectroscopy technology. Investors in the Company include Israel Health Care Ventures, Saints Capital and LTG. For additional information, please visit OrSense’s website at www.orsense.com.

About OrSense's Technology

OrSense’s NBM200 is based on the company’s proprietary SpectOLightTM technology, which uses an optical measurement platform combined with a ring-shaped sensor that is fitted on the subject's finger.  A gentle pressure is applied by the sensor, temporarily occluding the blood flow in the finger. New blood dynamics are created, generating a unique, strong optical transmission signal, with a high signal-to-noise ratio which is wholly blood specific. During the occlusion, optical elements in the sensor perform a sensitive measurement of the light transmitted through the finger. This method, called Occlusion Spectroscopy, provides a quick, accurate and painless measurement of the subject's blood constituents.

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