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NBM 200


• Non-invasive, accurate monitoring of Hb level and pulse rate
• Immediate, on-line measurement
• European CE Marking approved
• Safe, easy to operate, no biohazard material handling
• Perfect for anemia screening at point of care

• Adopted by blood banks and hospitals in over 55 countries           


The OrSense NBM 200 is a non‐invasive finger blood analytes monitor. It measures and displays arterial blood hemoglobin (Hb) and pulse rate (PR) values.

It is composed of a reusable ring‐shaped sensor probe that fits on the subject’s finger, and a portable desktop monitor that calculates and displays the measurement result. The monitor features an easy‐to‐read backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) that presents the patient’s hemoglobin (Hb) and pulse rate (PR) values.

The system is intended for noninvasive spot checking of Hb and PR. It may be used for blood donor screening in blood donation facilities, in the hospital or other clinical environments. 

Features of the OrSense NBM 200 system:

• Clinically proven OrSense noninvasive technology
• Blood Hb and PR analysis
• Test results in less than 90 seconds
• Automatic self‐test and calibration check at start‐up , and continuously performed background calibration check self tests
• Operation on all commonly available mains supply, or standard AA batteries
• Battery back‐up and low battery indicator
• Backlight LCD display and adjustable viewing angle, for clear visibility in subdued or difficult lighting conditions
• Lightweight design
• Data logger for 100 preceding measurements.

NBM 200 Product Demo