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NBM 200

The NBM 200 system:

The NBM 200 is a non‐invasive blood analytes monitor. It measures and displays blood hemoglobin (Hb), oxygen saturation level* and pulse rate (PR) values.

It is composed of a reusable ring‐shaped sensor probe that fits on the subject’s finger, and a portable desktop monitor that calculates and displays the measurement result. The monitor features an easy‐to‐read LCD display that presents the patient’s hemoglobin (Hb) and pulse rate (PR) values.

The system is intended for noninvasive spot checking of Hb and PR. It may be used in clinical and non-clinical, fixed and mobile environments. 

*Optionally available with selected models 


Features of the OrSense NBM 200 system:

Basic configuration:
Blood Hb and PR analysis
Test results in ~60 seconds
Automatic self‐test at start‐up
Operates of mains supply with 4 standard AA batteries or built-in Li-ion battery backup
Backlight LCD display for clear visibility in subdued or difficult lighting conditions
Lightweight design
High measurment stability under ambient-light enviroments
Data logger for 300 preceding measurements
Key markings approved: US FDA, European CE, CFDA, ANVISA, COFEPRIS 


Optional features and accessories*:
Multilingual user interface
A built-in rechargeable battery - up to 300 tests of continuous operation
Data Management/Barcode Reader Interface - touch screen or Barcode reader data entry, local and/or remote data logging, remote system control via USB or Wi-Fi connection

*Availability depends on local regulation 



The NBM 200 can be optionally operated using an attached dedicated Tablet or SmartPhone. A software application installed on the attached device allows for on screen or barcode reader assisted data entry, local and/or remote data gathering and data files transfer. Remote system control is available when the unit is connected to an external control system.

Potential Applications:

  • Integration of the device within fully automated 'Smart Health Rooms'
  • Integration with other external hardware (such as a barcode reader) for a multi-functional operation











(above) routine operation interfaced with a barcode reader

*Optionally available depending on local regulation  


The NBM 200MP system:

The NBM 200MP offers a one stop solution for a completely non-invasive measurement of multiple blood parameters, including hemoglobin (Hb)  levels  and calculated Hematocrit (Hct), oxygen saturation (SpO2), low perfusion oximetry (SoO2) and pulse rate. Incorporating the same occlusion technology as the NBM 200, but focusing on hospital applications, the NBM 200MP permits both spot and continuous patient monitoring with adjustable alarm limits for oximetry and pulse rate, as well as visible and audible alarm signals. (No CE marking)